Travelers access

Travelers access

Travelers access

Looking for a travel experience with a difference but not sure how to go about organizing it yourself? Afraid of missing out on the most magical sites, not being able to find that special address, not being able to get off the beaten path to making this trip unforgettable…

You know you don’t want to go through an agency that simply sells volume from a catalog of pre-packaged experiences? Agencies that have to charge top dollar because of the multiple intermediaries… 

Look no further! Thanks to the experiences, advice and real feedback from fellow travelers, it has never been easier to make the right choice and select the right locally-based agency, the best agency for you… 




On their return, travelers offer advice on the reliability of the local providers, the quality of the services offered, quality of the welcome, and the level of expertise.

All ratings are verified. After that, you simply choose your agency and deal directly with them to design your perfect trip.

Really independent travel, designed by you and organized directly by the local incoming travel agency, off the beaten track, made-to-measure… Gives you more FREEDOM, more AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES, better PEACE OF MIND, and EXOTICISM!




IMPERATIVE: before leaving, do not forget to verify all the formalities bound to your passport, visas and necessary vaccines, or other essential formality. ESTA (Electronic System for dolly Authorization) is imperative to enter or make a stopover in the United States esta-logo


* For more information on countries you would like to visit, on political and sanitary risks, the necessary visas, consult the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country. You will find all the necessary information there to plan your trip abroad, but also inform you in case of loss of papers abroad, serious accident, need for repatriation, etc. 

* Do not forget to check which vaccines are necessary, and other medical advices.

Accident victim or sick abroad? Anticipate it, to avoid that your holidays are transformed into real ordeal or financial abyss.... You can sign an insurance deprived before the departure which will take care of you for any on-the-spot incident (medical repatriation, emergency admittance, assistance or medical expenses, luggage, civil liability)